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It's Just a Jump to the Left by angelskuuipo
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Author's Notes:
I have to blame thank Elisabeth for the inspiration for this. She’ll recognize the line. Has anyone else ever wondered what Charlie would look like dressed up as Dr. Frank? The title is from Time Warp. Un-betaed, any and all mistakes are mine. Written for the Numb3rs100 LJ community.


Don hadn’t questioned why David and Colby were wearing tuxedos just to go to the movies. He chalked it up to being Halloween.

“Holy Mother of Richard O’Brien,” David breathed. Don and Colby turned to see what he was talking about and their mouths dropped open. Charlie and Megan stood at the bottom of the stairs, whispering and giggling to each other.

Colby’s eyes traveled from the platform hooker shoes, up muscular stocking-clad legs, lingered on the bulge prominently outlined by tight black briefs, up the surprisingly well-defined corset-covered chest, to finally rest on Charlie’s made up face. Colby licked his lips. Damn, he had no idea makeup could be so hot on a guy, but it was Charlie’s legs that really got him. He was going to have so much fun later.

Don stared in shock at his brother for a moment before Megan captured his attention. She was dressed in a skimpy white bra, half-slip, and T-strap high heels. She looked good.

Don cleared his throat and Charlie and Megan looked at him with devilish amusement in their eyes, but innocent smiles on their lips. He said, “I-I thought we were going to the movies.”

Charlie chuckled. “We’re going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Don. It’s so much more than a movie.”

Megan ran a teasing finger along his jaw. “Don’t tell me you’re a virgin, Agent Eppes?”

Don blustered and the others laughed. He helped Megan into her coat while David picked up their bags of props. As Charlie fastened the long, glittery black cape at his neck, he said, “Don’t worry, bro, we won’t let them hurt you too bad.”

As they walked out to Don’s SUV, Charlie smiled at Colby and whispered, “Next time, you dress up as Rocky, ‘kay?”

Colby swallowed hard. “Deal.”


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