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Ingenuity by angelskuuipo
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Author's Notes:
When I saw this prompt, this was my first thought. Yes, my mind is a very strange place. Un-betaed. Any and all mistakes are mine. Written for the Numb3rs100 Live Journal community, prompt #81- Turkey.


The table was set with his mom’s good china and silver on his grandmother’s antique lace tablecloth.

All of the side dishes and desserts were prepared. They just needed to be heated through again before serving.

Charlie checked his list one more time, marking off items as he went.

He started to check off the turkey when he paused. Had he fixed the turkey? A frantic dash into the kitchen revealed that he had not, in fact, cooked the turkey.

The damn thing was still frozen.


Don stumbled down the stairs, having been awoken by a horrible banging sound. He followed said sound to the garage.

Wincing at the noise, he called out, “Charlie, what the hell?”

Charlie looked at his brother, hands covering his ears. “I’m defrosting the turkey. I remembered everything else, but the turkey.”

Don stared at his brother. This was their first Thanksgiving since Alan had moved out and his brother had been adamant about preparing the meal himself. The corners of his mouth twitched and he promptly covered it with his hand. Charlie looked so upset, he didn’t want to laugh, but…

“You’re defrosting the turkey in the dryer?”

“It wouldn’t fit in the microwave.”


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