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I Stand Defiant by angelskuuipo
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You tried to break me
You almost succeeded
I did break in a way
I ran away, much to my shame
But running saved me in the end
Now I stand defiant

Did you gloat?
Did you congratulate yourself for destroying another human being?
Did hurting me make you feel like a man?

I lost my innocence because of you
The innocence of having not been touched by evil
Of not truly knowing people like you existed
I mourn the loss of that part of me

Was it because I was a woman and strong?
That I had thoughts, opinions, and ideas that were different from yours?
That I wasn’t afraid to share them?
Or was it because of something known only to you and your God?

I’ve moved on, but you still hold power over me
I hate you for that
I may never be able to say it to your face, but that makes it no less true
I never realized I had the capacity for hatred until you
Then again, maybe what I feel isn’t hate
I think it’s pity, and really?
You’re not worth the effort for either

I’m not running anymore
I will make it
I will not let what you did dictate how I live the rest of my life
It will take time, but I’ll come out stronger in the end

Cast your stones and make your plans
You’ll never touch me again
I weep for those still under your thumb
But to stay is their choice

I did what was best for me
And now I stand defiant in the aftermath
From the shambles of my life, I rebuild

I’m emerging from the darkness
And the sunlight is blinding
I’m wrapped in the warmth of love and understanding
And I’ve rediscovered hope

I stand defiant
And in the end, you will fall

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