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Permanent Solution by angelskuuipo
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Author's Notes:
That one line has kept me from the brink many times. Guess the program saved at least one person, so mission accomplished. This does not reflect my current mental state, so please don’t try to hold an intervention. I’m fine. I was reading a fic and Maurice, my torture monkey, bit me on the ass.

This is unbetaed, so any and all mistakes are mine.


He stared at the gun in his hand. All he needed to do was flip the safety off, put it in his mouth, and pull the trigger. Three easy steps and all his problems would be over.

A permanent solution to a temporary problem, a voice whispered in his mind.

Where had he heard that before? Oh yeah, ABC’s After School Special. Couldn’t remember much else from his so-called childhood, but he can remember the moral of a cheesy kids program about suicide.

Were his problems only temporary? Didn’t seem like it at the moment. Job gone, lover gone, money running out. No, his life was well and truly in the crapper, with no hint of a way out. That light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t heaven, it was the E-train, and he really needed to stop with the clichés.

Would anyone really miss him if he did this? Would the world stop turning if he were no longer here?

Only one way to find out.


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