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Freedom by angelskuuipo
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Freedom is illusive and, in the end, unattainable
We are all slaves to something
Be it an idea, an emotion, a person

Freedom from oppression will never happen
Oh, there may come a time when peoples are freed
But their own mindsets will keep them oppressed, will keep them from taking that next step

Freedom from war will never happen
Human nature won’t allow it
There will always be one that craves power over others, doing whatever it takes to get it

There are times, though, that one can break free and soar
Where everything falls away and all that is left is you, in your purest form

Getting lost in a book
Finding that one place that sets your soul at ease
A smile from someone you love, or hold dear
Flying, swimming, loving
Creating, exploring, living
Finding that one moment in time when you are free

Freedom is illusive and in the end unattainable
We are all slaves to something
Be it an idea, an emotion, a person

The trick is to know what to be a slave to
Whatever will make you happy will make you truly free, if only for a moment

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