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Snake in the Wood Shed by angelskuuipo
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Author's Notes:
This idea has been percolating for a while and finally decided to gel. Itís a little creepy, but I like it. Un-betaed.
Written: November 17, 2009
Word Count: 150


She loved her little house in the woods. It was her haven. Her sanctuary. Safe and peaceful. Secluded in a little clearing near the river, far from civilization, her only neighbors were the wildlife. Nothing bad could touch her here. She liked her simpler life now, needed it after the turmoil of...before. This place had healed her. The shadows were finally gone.

Or so she thought.


It had been five years, but he’d finally found her. What a naÔve little lamb, living all alone in a little house in the woods. It was almost insulting how easy she made it in the end, but he would make her pay for leaving him. No one left him. No one. As he looked around one last time he thought maybe the little house in the woods wasn’t so bad.

After all, there was no one around to hear her scream.


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