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Choices by angelskuuipo
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It comes in fits and starts
Roaring to life then sputtering out before I can complete the piece
Gutters like a candle

To stop is to lose the thread forever
To continue unimpeded is to alienate all else around me
Weighing the choices is painful, but necessary

On the one hand there is the creative force, the muse
A fickle bitch who does not take kindly to being thwarted
She takes her revenge by denying me the chance to pick up where I left off

On the other hand is my mate
The one I will always share my life with
I almost lost him once to this obsession and don’t want to make the same mistake again

What to do?
What to do?
Reminds me of an old quote, the source long forgotten

Who’s got the button?

The mind wanders
The threads unravel
The ability to create shrivels under that fickle bitch’s sadistic whim

I’m cast adrift
Only I’m not alone
My love stands by me

Loving me
Holding me
Always there for me

That fickle bitch will get over her snit
The words will come again

In the end there is really no choice at all
The words will come and go
I’ll take what I can and create as much as possible before she takes them away once more

The choice is made
I can’t sweat what I can’t control
My love is beside me and will never falter

That’s worth more than words any day

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