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Fierce by angelskuuipo
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He’s only fierce when it’s least appropriate
When all is quiet, that’s when he strikes

So much time is spent deferring
Following orders, being the perfect soldier in a pointless war
He can only take so much

When there is noise he can cope
When there is death all around him, he’s fine
The mission is what matters and he does his job so well

You’d think that fierceness in battle would be good
You’d be wrong
He knows that and never lets his needs interfere

It’s when the battle is over that who he is comes out
All that he pushes down, ignores, represses, struggles to break free
All of the pain he’s endured to do the job that he once loved
It pours out as he screams and fights the bonds of civility

He’s only fierce when it’s least appropriate
A tender moment broken by what he cannot control

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