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Gravity by angelskuuipo
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Author's Notes:
Inspired by the movie The Fast and the Furious


You came on the scene
Larger than life
Pulling everyone to you like gravity
A little tin god, mighty in this tiny kingdom

    You slipped into my world
    Without a bang or a whimper
    So smooth, like a knife through the ribs
    I never saw it coming

You turned my world upside down
I almost lost myself
Didn’t want what I knew to be true
Didn’t want it to be you

    You blew my world apart
    One lie
    Just a few simple words
    It never occurred to me to not believe you

It’s decision time, do or die
God, but how I hate clichés
Nevertheless, I’m standing on a precipice
There’s only one thing I can do

    You tore me up
    Put me back together again
    One gesture, barely worth noticing
    You gave me back my life

You’ve left me stranded
I don’t know which way to turn
Who to trust
Where to go

    Should I hit you?
    Kiss you?
    Go on like I never knew you?
    I have no idea what comes next

I have to get out of here
My old life holds no appeal
They wouldn’t take me back anyway
Guess it’s on to the great unknown

    You’re standing there
    Sun shining bright, making you glow
    You hold out your hand
    Do I take it, or let you go?

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