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Four-star Hotel by angelskuuipo
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Author's Notes:
Spoilers/Warnings: None/Little bit of Coop-whumping.
Authorís Note: Kind of a sequel to my Don/Coop fic, Taking Care, but can stand on its own. Itís entirely possible that I will expand this into a longer fic at some point, at which time it will definitely be a sequel. Un-betaed. Any and all mistakes are mine. Written for the Numb3rs100 LJ community.
Written: November 16, 2006


All they’d wanted was a few days off. They’d been going non-stop for three months and had really needed the break. A call to their families to let them know they were still breathing and in one piece, then five days away from everyone and everything.

Too bad no one informed the criminals of that.

They’d stumbled upon a fugitive whose trail had gone cold a year ago. A short, but vicious battle later, and Wilson was dead. That was about the only good thing Don could say about their vacation so far. Billy had gone over the cliff as well, but Don had caught him. Unfortunately, Billy had hit the side of the mountain pretty hard and had some fairly serious injuries.

Don adjusted his grip on Billy’s limp body as he made his way back to their campsite.

Billy groaned softly and Don patted his thigh absently. “Hang on, buddy. We’re almost there.” He hoped, anyway.

Camping. It had seemed like such a good idea at the time. From now on when they wanted a break, Don was going to insist on a four-star hotel, cost be damned. One with room service, big sunken tubs, massages, and all of the luxurious conveniences he and Coop went without most of the time. They were going to lock themselves in that room and not come out for anything.

He was going to request more leave as soon as they got to a phone.

It started to rain, so Don found some cover and stopped, easing Coop off of his shoulders. He wasn’t sure how much farther it was back to their campsite, but he wasn’t going to take any chances. They’d be fine for a while.

Don and Coop had survived a lot in their time together. They’d survive this.


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