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Reviews For A Smile
Reviewer: mendenbar Signed Date: 11/15/10 - 10:02AM Title: Chapter 1

Your Willow/Angel stories are still up there with the very best in the field. Long or short, funny, angst or full of pathos, they never fail to touch me and make my day better when I come back to them. Thanks,


Author's Response: Thank you so much. It means a lot to me that you think so highly of my work.

Reviewer: nonhalema Anonymous Date: 10/22/08 - 03:33AM Title: Chapter 1

And a smile u get for this writing

Reviewer: mendenbar Signed Date: 09/18/08 - 01:48PM Title: Chapter 1

Hey, Danielle,

My computer died a while back and I lost all my bookmarks. Has taken a longer while to find so many authors. Glad to have you back and to see that you are still writing wonderful, evocative pieces. As you know, I love your Angel/Willow pieces, but I am touched by your other pieces too. Thanks for being there. (You make me smile.)
mendenbar (aka D)

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