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We are the home of 1 authors from among our 33944 members. There have been 64 reviews written about our 242 stories. A special welcome to our newest member, Rob1Cync.

Snow Days by angelskuuipo FRE
The extended family is in town for a wiccaning, but itís time for everyone ...

No Easy Answer by angelskuuipo FRT
She wasnít going to tell him. Thatís what hurt the most. PL...

Bored Now...Or Maybe Not by angelskuuipo FRE
The briefing was boring right up until it wasn't....

Memories in Ink by angelskuuipo FRE
I think tattoos are memories writ in skin....

Won't Forget by angelskuuipo FRT
Eliot was haunted by the memory of fiery red hair and laughing green eyes....

Win-Win by angelskuuipo FRT
Willow gets a little daring, but canít quite follow through. Fate, or mayb...

Unexpected by angelskuuipo FRE
Willow just wanted to get dressed. Was that too much to ask?...

Demons by angelskuuipo FRE
Donít wanna let you down, but I am hell bound. Lindsey is le...

The Proverbial Glass by angelskuuipo FRT
Dom sits at Brianís bedside. Optimism is harder to hang onto that heíd tho...

Neat Little Boxes by angelskuuipo FRE
With the chaos that was generally her life, Willow tried very hard to keep ...


You've found my little corner of the World Wide Web. Wicked Angel is my personal archive for the fanfiction, original fiction, and poetry I've written over the years.

Most of my fanfiction is of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series variety, but I eventually dipped my toes into other fandoms, including Numb3rs, Leverage, The Fast and the Furious, a few other assorted fandoms, and most recently, The Bourne Legacy and Marvel's The Avengers.

Some of my writing is for readers 18 and older, but most stories are suitable for all ages. It used to be the other way around, but my smut muse hasn't visited in a while. I write het, slash, the occasional femslash, and gen. Slash fiction depicts a relationship between two males and femslash a relationship between two females. So if that isn't your cup of tea, then please bypass those stories.

The rating system is as follows:

FRE- G and PG

FRT- PG-13



I'd love to hear what you think of my writing, so please drop me a line. No flames, please. If you don't like something, just move along. If you have something constructive to say, I'll gladly listen, but if your idea of constructive criticism is, "this sucks", and you can't or won't give me a reason why then save your time.

Unfortunately I've had to disable anonymous reviews due to spam. My site host and I are also in the process of disabling site registration for the same reason. Registration is still open at the moment, but it will be going away soon. If you would like to leave a review for me, you can always send me an email via the Contact Us section.


Danielle aka Angel's Kuuipo

Bogus Account Purge
I got a little curious about why I had almost 700 members and only 64 reviews here. So I took a look at some of the members and most of them are bogus spammers. Now I'm going through and deleting the accounts. If your account is legit and I delete it by mistake, I apologize, but this needs to be done.

--Angel's Kuuipo on 07/29/13 - 10:38AM
Site Update!
I am a terrible, horrible site mistress. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I added anything new here. Mea culpa.

If you turn your attention to the box on the left you will find that I have added everything I've written since the last update.

There will be more in the next month or so. Thank you for reading!

--danielle on 02/05/13 - 01:03PM
Site Update
My goodness! I am so sorry I haven't updated in so long. I just added all the stuff I've written in the last year and the beginning of this one.

I hope y'all enjoy it!

--Danielle on 04/03/12 - 10:29PM

If you look to your left you will see several new stories in the 'Recently Updated' section.

One of them, Re-inventing Family, is the possible start of a multi-chapter story that is a crossover between three fandoms: Leverage, The Brothers Bloom, and White Collar. It stands alone as it is, but I do have hopes of someday expanding it. I'm just not sure when or if it will happen.

Come on in, kick the tires, and rest a spell. Happy reading!

--Danielle on 12/30/10 - 08:10AM
New Skins!!
Wicked Angel now has several new skins to choose from, thanks to the fabulous Shannon and Carla. Check 'em out and see what you think!

--Danielle on 12/17/08 - 10:10AM
Award Nom!
On A Clear Day has been nominated for The Angelic Face Award, The Edge of Your Seat Award, and The Loner Side of Sunnydale Award at the Lie To Me Awards! Thank you so much to whomever nominated me. ::squishes you::

--Danielle on 02/26/08 - 08:15AM
Award Nom!
My BtVS/Numb3rs crossovers, To Forget and Jitters, have been nominated for Bet Het Fic Crossover at the !

--Danielle on 02/17/08 - 12:03PM
Award Nom!
The Velvet Whip has been nominated for the Bewitching Award & the Forbidden Award at the !

Of Astral Planes and Hell Dimensions has been nominated for Best Het at the Shades of Grey Awards!

--Danielle on 02/14/08 - 09:33PM
Award Nom!
My fic, The Velvet Whip has been nominated for Best NC-17 fic at the Angel Without Wings Awards! Thank you so much to whomever nominated me.

--Danielle on 02/10/08 - 03:38PM
Happy Anniversary to me!
Today marks my 4th Anniversary of Writing. Thank you all for four wonderful years and I hope to have many more.

--Danielle on 02/07/08 - 05:52PM
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If Home Is Where the Heart Is, Then My Heart Is Always With You by angelskuuipo FRT
No one was coming for him, but that was alright. Heíd made his peace. He ...

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